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What is DMIT…?

It is branch of science that studies the patterns on fingertips to understand the brain of the person. Dermatoglyphics multiple intellegence test is truely scientific study of the fingerprint patterns. This will help in understanding a great individual’s potential & Personality type. Dermatoglyphics multiple intellegence test (DMIT) is based on understanding from Neuroscience, Genetics.

Why DMIT…..?


It helps to choose his/her career so that the time will not be wasted and he/she will be successful.

IQ-EQ find out:

As we will find out the IQ and EQ of child, it will be helpful to improve the acedamic
result. The exact goal will be achieved. He/she she will be successful in study.

Find out career pathways:

We can choose the right career. By choosing the career in which child interested, he/she will complete it with full devotion.

Gr Asping power build up:

A lot of time will be saved because we know what he/she grasp easily. He/she will properly complete the syllabus.

Academic growth:

By knowing the tendency & interest of your child you can see the best academic result. He/she choose faculty in which he/she will be interested so they will be successful in their life.

Behavior & Attitude:

Parents will find the behavior and attitude of child so they  can easily handle the child behavior. It will be easy to understand the tendency of child. Child-Parent co-ordination will be strong.

Save Money:

By using DMIT, we can easily save our money on courses that are not suitable for him/her. The saved money will be used for the education in which he/she will be interested.

Know –Learning Style:

If we know the learning style of child we can understand his/her interest in studies so that we can design his/her study time table.

Find out SWOT:

SWOT means Strength/Weakness/Opportunity/Threats. It will be helpful in personal  and educational growth. We can achieve success.

Find out hidden talent:

Every person has the hidden talent but nobody knows about it. It will  be helpful in personal and educational growth.